Ventilated façade and ETICS: Main differences and similarities between systems

In the search for cladding and insulation solutions for buildings, the ventilated façade and the External Thermal Insulation System (ETICS) are presented as outstanding alternatives. This article aims to elucidate the characteristics, advantages and considerations of both systems to facilitate an informed choice. Structure and Functioning Ventilated façade: This system includes an air chamber that … Leer más

The Influence of Arab architecture in Spain and Portugal

Arab architecture in Spain and Portugal is one of the most important and richest in the world. Its influence can be seen in the architecture of both countries, from the most emblematic buildings to the most everyday ones. Introduction to Arab Architecture in Spain and Portugal Arab architecture arrived in the Iberian Peninsula with the … Leer más

5 essential mobile apps for architects

Discover the 5 essential mobile apps for architects: Morpholio Trace, AutoCAD Mobile, MagicPlan, ArchiSnapper and Autodesk FormIt. Morpholio Trace Morpholio Trace is a drawing and design app geared towards architects, designers, and creative professionals at large. This application merges the benefits of digital technology with the traditional process of freehand drawing. Here are some key … Leer más

Development of public spaces and green areas in cities: key to sustainability and urban wellbeing

Architects and urban planners are increasingly challenged to design and plan cities that integrate sustainability and the well-being of their inhabitants. One of the most efficient strategies to achieve this goal is the development of green areas and public spaces. This approach improves the quality of life in urban areas and contributes to the creation … Leer más

Alubuild® obtains ITB KOT certification for its buildbond® composite panel assembly systems

Alubuild® has recently been accredited with ITB KOT certification for its innovative buildbond® composite panel assembly systems. This recognition reflects Alubuild®‘s ongoing commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. The ITB KOT certification, awarded by the Polish Institute of Building Technology (ITB), is one of the most respected in the construction industry and guarantees that products … Leer más

Using drones for construction and inspection

Architecture is a constantly evolving discipline, and technology has become a key element in the construction industry. Drones for construction and inspection have gained popularity in recent years, providing new ways to monitor and collaborate on projects. In this article, we will discuss how drones are used in construction and inspection, and how they can … Leer más

Alubuild® has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

We are pleased to announce that Alubuild® has obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. This certification is recognition of our commitment to quality and the environment. It is the guarantee that our production, management and quality control meet international standards of excellence. We are confident that this certification is essential for our partners and customers, … Leer más