The Buildbond panels are manufactured through a continuous process and each product has a detailed traceability.

Alubuild has a service center for the mechanization and transformation of the Buildbond panels, which allows it to create different sizes and shapes according to the specifics of each project.

Precisely molded

The BUILDBOND composite panels can be adapted with precision to any type of building, seeking the shapes conceived by architects from flat shapes, 3D, curves, perforations, or stampings giving the desired aesthetic finish.


Alubuild has a latest generation CNC machining center, bending, edging and punching machine, which allows us to create precise and complex aesthetic shapes in order to generate the desired aesthetic finish.

Inspiring Shapes

Alubuild can manufacture panels up to 2 meters wide in a large format. Alubuild can work in collaboration with architect studios to find the best solutions for your facade.