Aluminum composite panel made up of two aluminum plates and an inner core.

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Buildbond A2 is a composite panel made up of two aluminum plates and a non-combustible mineral core, class “A2 – s1, d0,” to ensure compliance with the most rigorous national and international fire safety requirements.

This panel can be produced in various dimensions up to a width of 2 m, Buildbond XL, and it’s an asset in more demanding projects.

Composite panels are lightweight and flat and present impact resistance and flexural capacity. They are easy to transform and can be molded in numerous ways.

As a standard solution, Buildbond A2 is coated with high-tech polyvinylidene fluoride, PVDF 70/30, due to its excellent durability and color consistency, offering a guarantee of up to 20 years.

Buildbond A2 panels are recommended especially for ventilated façade projects for high-rise buildings whose fire safety requirements are high.

Animation Adhesive 0.5 mm Aluminum Alloy AW 5005 PVDF 70/30 Coating MINERAL A2 core Adhesive 0.5mm Aluminum Alloy AW 3105 Primer Protective Film Primer Protection


Total thickness
1.000, 1.250, 1.500, 1.750 e 2.000 mm
2.000 a 6.000 mm
5,5 kg/m2
Reaction to fire

NOTE: Other specifications upon request.