Alubuild: The new brand that brings your projects to life

About us

We are Alubuild, the aluminium composite panel manufacturer focused on making you achieve everything you set out to do, thanks to our commitment, speed of response and energy.

Your projects, even the most ambitious, are our mission. We exist to execute your projects.


Our ambition

Our aim is to help you realise your vision in the best possible way, providing you with all the necessary solutions, technical support and experience.

We want to be a leader in the national market and a benchmark brand in the international market, recognised for its quality, rigour, service and innovation. To this end, we work every day to create innovative and effective solutions capable of responding to the challenges of the market and our customers.

We are committed to contributing to a more sustainable and ecological world, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

We want to chart a path where we can provide everything you need, and where you can help us to build it.


What makes us different

At Alubuild we guarantee value creation as a result of the following factors:


Customer service

We are the first to provide solutions, even before you need them.

We can offer you first-hand the best technical and constructive solutions thanks to our extensive experience in the sector and our knowledge of our customers’ needs.

No matter how unique your requirements are, we will be able to meet your expectations and propose the ideal solution.


Fast response time

Just as we like agility when it comes to execution, we want to offer the same to our clients, and we want them to feel that their demands are correctly met in a timely manner.

There is nothing worse than passivity or uncertainty, so your satisfaction is our priority.


Team experience

We are a new brand in the market, but with a team with extensive experience in the development and manufacture of solutions for architectural enclosures.

Alubuild was created to respond to the needs we have seen in the sector for more than 15 years. We know the key points in each of the stages of the building project, from the analysis of the façade, through the adaptation of our products to the requirements of the site, to the final assembly, always advising and accompanying the client throughout the process.


Without energy it would not be possible to move forward and evolve.

We are a young team that adapts to change and is passionate about growing and meeting the needs of today’s architecture.

At Alubuild we combine experience and energy, which allows us to move forward in an agile and steady way.



At Alubuild we are very aware of the importance of our services and products within the architecture and construction sector. For this reason, absolute commitment and resolution are essential to ensure excellent technical specifications, quality, safety and habitability.

Our rigour is your peace of mind.



Innovation is not only in the materials or the way we build.

It is also in the message and how we want our products to impact the world.

We strive to improve the efficiency and liveability of spaces, making a sustainable impact on the world of architecture and building design.

We will achieve this by using the most innovative and efficient materials, giving them a new purpose. In this way we promote the renovation of spaces, thus contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

We work every day to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality, safety and energy efficiency.



We are Alubuild, a brand born in Portugal with a global ambition.

If you are looking for innovation, support and a brand that will listen and help you, contact us.

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