"Alubuild will be a reflection of the experience and knowledge of the company's founders"
“Based on my knowledge of the architectural market, the most notable characteristics of the panels are flexibility, sustainability, and modernity in all their aspects. The bond panels are a technological evolution which respond extremely effectively to acoustic, thermal, and reaction to fire problems. The lightness of this material along with its resistance, flexural capacity, and recyclability are important factors to consider today. The possibility of incorporating a visual component – with a tremendous variety of coatings, colors, textures, and dimensions – ties this product to modernity and the future, meeting the highest creative standards. Its quick application in a ‘clean’ construction naturally facilitates this product’s integration inside or outside residential or commercial buildings. Alubuild will be a reflection of the experience and knowledge of the company’s founders, complemented by a professional team in constant evolution and technical training. I am compelled to believe that it will be a reference brand in the national and international market.”

Arq. Jorge Esteves

Ventura + Partners

“Three years ago, the building where I live needed rehabilitation due to serious problems like cracks, water infiltration, and humidity entering inside homes. In a condominium association meeting, a ventilated façade solution with aluminum composite panels was proposed to us, which I was totally unaware of. I had already seen these kinds of façades in factories and industries, but I never thought that they could apply to homes. Although the price is slightly higher than the traditional solution, I have no doubt that we chose the best option. Not only did thermal and acoustic comfort improve a lot, but the building’s design also became much more appealing.”

Filipe Rocha


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