Development of public spaces and green areas in cities: key to sustainability and urban wellbeing

Architects and urban planners are increasingly challenged to design and plan cities that integrate sustainability and the well-being of their inhabitants. One of the most efficient strategies to achieve this goal is the development of green areas and public spaces. This approach improves the quality of life in urban areas and contributes to the creation … Leer más

Inclusion and accessibility in the design of buildings and public spaces

Inclusion and accessibility are key aspects when designing buildings and public spaces, ensuring that these spaces are accessible and usable by all people. In this article we explore the importance of inclusion and accessibility in the design of public buildings and spaces, the cornerstone of inclusive architecture. What is inclusive accessibility? Accessibility is a key … Leer más

The office as collaborative space

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine the workplace without collaboration. It has become a vital part of our professional lives. However, these times also pose a new challenge: how to design spaces that facilitate collaborative work? In this content we take a closer look at this.   What are collaborative spaces? … Leer más

Architectural acoustics. The relationship between architecture and sound

What is architectural acoustics? Architectural acoustics is the science and engineering of achieving good sound within a building. When considering the role of architecture in acoustics, it is important to understand that architectural acoustic design is different from acoustic insulation. The main elements of architectural acoustics are: The transmission of sound through walls. The amount … Leer más

Deconstructivism & deconstructivist architecture

When we refer to deconstructivism we might think of the demolition of a structure. Although it is true that some people associate this architectural style or current with destruction, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is characterised by being an avant-garde movement that does not follow the rules and plays with … Leer más

Evolution of architecture on trees

The relationship between nature and architecture is long and very close. The best architects have always stood out for making their buildings coexist with the environments in which they are built… and for using the context to their advantage.  Within this intimate relationship, trees have a special role to play. You don’t have to think … Leer más

Neoplasticism in architecture


The neoplasticism is an artistic trend that emerged in the early twentieth century and greatly influenced the way of conceiving different disciplines, such as architecture. We are going to review this movement in its first centenary of its existence.

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5 architects who shaped the history of contemporary architecture in Portugal

Are you familiar with the history of contemporary Portuguese architecture? If not and you are interested, here are 5 Portuguese architects of international stature and winners of the most prestigious awards in the sector.   Classic aspects of Portuguese architecture throughout history Architecture in Portugal has been similar to that of the people who populated … Leer más